When I first had my twins, I was so nervous that I wouldn’t have enough milk for both my babies that I started pumping day one in the hospital. As a new mom to twins, I did everything I could to keep up my milk supply. I pumped— a lot. When I went back to work as a surgical sales manager, I would pump early in the morning while rushing to be in the operating room by 6:30 am. I would strap on my “hands-free” bra while attempting to blow dry my hair and do my makeup, but inevitably, my routine would come to an abrupt halt. Once I pumped a few ounces, I was forced to just sit and stare at myself in the mirror while I held my milk bottles up - they had become too heavy with milk that the “hands-free” bra couldn’t support the weight! It was painful, and I was in danger of losing my precious milk if the bottles fell. So much for hands-free.


In that moment of pain, frustration and fear I knew, there had to be a better way. The idea for Mama CAN Cans was born. I wanted to be able to multitask: get ready for work or a date night, drive my car, type my emails —all while that I could get my work done and get home to my babies as soon as possible. Holding milk bottles up while I pumped just seemed like a waste of time.

Determined that there was a better solution, I made my first prototype out of crafting materials I had at home. I wanted to create a product that moms could get on and off easily, without having to wear a special bra. One they could literally dance in while pumping— and of course actually hold and support the weight of pumped milk! I surveyed my friends and any other mom I could talk to. I researched products and data on nursing and pumping and revised and refined my prototypes. When I found out I was pregnant with baby number 3, I filed my patent. I knew my invention was something that I would need again, and a product that moms everywhere were telling me they desperately needed too. 


I’ve heard so many stories of moms who stopped breastfeeding because of the discomfort, difficulty, and huge time expenditure of pumping. With Mama CAN Cans, women will be empowered to breastfeed for as long as they want, in comfort, while still tackling the rest of their lengthy to-do lists. I know all breastfeeding moms will love what they CAN do with the Mama CAN Cans.

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